Predictive maintenance



Lately, it’s been buzzing around the phenomenon of predictive maintenance. That’s not that strange considering it’s a fantastic way to keep your machines in optimal condition. With predictive maintenance, we predict when to have your machines cleaned to avoid wear problems. We show the state of your machines, display risks and incorporate them into an advisory report.


Lab analyses of oil

The basis for our predictions are lab analyses of the oil in your machines. From test-results we can extract several variables that tell us whether the oil needs to be replaced or not. For example, do we find rust or corrosion? Or do we discover wear particles in the oil? Then this means that we have to filter, replace or strengthen the oil with new additives.

These variables are also warning signs that an aging process may be triggered. You have to be ahead of the latter, because when your machines continue to wear out, you will be forced to perform reactive maintenance in time and in duration. And that is in every way more annoying than predictive maintenance.

Sharper insight

So when you have regular lab analyses, you get a sharper understanding of the state of your machines. Furthermore, if you have these analyses incorporated into a periodical report, you can better predict when to have preventive maintenance done. By planning the maintenance before it goes wrong, you are miles ahead of any problem.

In view of the operational costs of your company, it is also very pleasant if you can keep control of your maintenance work. That’s why we use the trend reporting to plan a perfectly appropriate maintenance schedule together with you.

Everyone benefits from it

Which markets benefit most from predictive analysis? Actually, all of them do. Companies with excavating-equipment don’t want to get stuck halfway through a job. If we can use lab analyses to find out in time that the oil in the faucet is starting to thicken, we don’t have to.

Metalworkers are also not fond of sticky machines. And they too want to know in time if there is still enough right working coolant in their machines so that they can continue to perform heavy operations.

In short, any company that works with machines that have long-term oils benefits from regular recurrent monitoring and trend reporting. With the naked eye, pollution and wear can’t be detected, no matter how hard you look. So do you want your projects to progress in the best possible way? Then you make sure that the quality of your machines is optimal. Predictive maintenance is an asset and not to be underestimated!