Rebel Technical Solutions is a supplier of lubrication oil and process partner for metalworking, injection moulding, agricultural sector, energy companies, construction and general industry.

We are a young company, but combine more than thirty years of solid knowledge and vast commercial experience in a wide range of markets. Our experience has taught us that things can be done differently. No, this is a MUST.



We challenge

The world of lubricants does not excel in innovative power. Lubricating oil companies have been doing the same thing for years and the status quo is, well. The status quo.. While other industries are building strong collaborations, the lubricating oil industry is sticking a bit. Little changes.
An innovative wind blowing through a conservative industry is therefore more than welcome. And we jump into that hole. In our own rebellious way.

We work together

What does that mean? That we’re a complete process partner. We go beyond simply supplying a barrel of oil. We’ll come to you. To interfere with your production processes, to give strategic and substantiated advice and to ensure and monitor the cleaning and maintenance of your machines to perfection.
Of course we like to supply that barrel of oil. But we will outperform even better if we can dive fully into your companies processes.

Heart for customers

Why do we do that? Because we have heart for our partners. As a process partner, we are always focused on solutions and we are happy to subject your production processes to a fresh, profound and thorough study. In addition, we provide about 2,000 products for every system running, rolling and moving.
That’s how you get only be busy in what you’re best at. We take care of the rest!

Our mission

At Rebel Technical Solutions, we like to alter things. Alter the way of thinking about the preventive maintenance of machines, for example. Or advice in choosing the perfect fitting lubrication oil. Being a full-fledged process partner is our mission.
We can do that pretty well. It helps, of course, that we study and understand our customers’ business processes like no other. And that we’re not afraid to dive into it completely. We think along, are honest and straight and give strong and substantive advice. With genuine interest, we take companies and industries to the next level.
Whether it’s lubricating oil, machine cleaning, oil analysis, advice reports, trend reports or the more than 2,000 products in our range: we always work tailor-made, we’re always focused on our customers’ needs and we always enjoy working.

Our vision

In almost any industry, knowledge of lubricants is declining. Where did that go? TO companies that have specialized in this. In fact, companies that continue to develop this knowledge. Like us.
As a full-fledged process partner, we are happy to connect with our customers. We prefer to do this in long-term cooperation and improvement projects, in which we get the best results in order to take care of our customers. A long commitment, open communication and a natural connection for the future.


As a lubricant company, it is difficult to place yourself in the “sustainability” team. Still, we’re going to give it a shot. In our view, it can always be more sustainable and we believe that we should take the responsibility to do so.

In this way we always think about efficient supply and disposal of products. Because we are a one-source supplier, we can also reduce the number of transport movements. After all, all the process needs can be found with us, under one roof. We have a sharp focus on the right lubricant. If you choose a perfectly appropriate lubricant, you stress your tools much less, use less energy and the lubricant lasts longer. Result? A lower energy bill and a significant extension of tool life and lower maintenance intervals of your machinery.

Of course, all this is very much in line with the sustainability ideal we all aspire to. Yes, we too as a lubricant company. It can always be more sustainable!