We run into them regularly; Customers for whom machine cleaning is an eyesore. Maintenance people are technicians at heart and often have no desire to go about with a cloth and pressure hose. If they do, because they have to clean the machines from time to time, a wipe is taken through just as quickly. That could be more professional. In fact, that needs to be more professional if you want to keep your machines in optimum state.


Thorough cleaning

Machine cleaning is a not to be underestimated part maintaining your machines to the optimum level. If there is too much pollution in your machines, they wear out, destroy them and eventually you have to replace them. That’s why it’s so important to regularly subject them to a thorough clean-up. Not just on the outside, but especially on the inside. And not only when things threaten to go wrong, but from the very beginning. Because when you plan a professional cleaning on a periodic basis, you can make longer and better use of your equipment. And that’s what you want.

Pollution and wear

How often do you need to clean? This varies by machine and by oil. For example, machines in which pure oil is pumped around are less subject to bacterial influences than machines in which oil is mixed with water. Bacteria, fungi and yeasts love water and therefore get the chance to grow undisturbed. And that damages the internal components of your machines. You can delay that for a long time, but sooner or later somewhere in the machine a point arises where the dirt accumulates and bacteria get free rein. That’s what you want to avoid.

Periodic cleaning

Professional cleaning people know exactly what to look out for. That’s why many companies are enlisting a professional cleaning service to clean the machines on a regular basis. Planned. It is extremely useful to select fixed moments per year to make your machines subjected to cleaning. Usually you can determine in advance what is a quiet period and that is the perfect time to disassemble and thoroughly clean your machines. If you plan these cleanings smartly, it will have a positive impact on your entire work process.


So do your machines a favor and quickly plan those periodic machine cleanings. Together with our people you will see what the best moments for your company are to plan a cleaning. Do you want that once, two or three times a year? And including or excluding other services? Everything is possible, together we build a completely tailor-made maintenance service package.

That way, you’re not only sure that you’re stretching the life of your machines. You also avoid a lot of unwanted situations that always seem to come at a bad time. Because no one is waiting for wear, malfunctions and outages.