Lubricants for every sector

For us, no challenge is too big, no field too unknown. This how settled we are in the world of lubricants.

From watch to crane and from excavator to bike: everything that rolls, spins or moves needs lubrication oil. We use it in the smallest particles of simple utensils down to the huge power generation plants .

Ofcourse, we don’t just use lubricating oil during the production process of utensils and machines. We also use it to make these products work efficiently and let them last as long as possible. This means that there is a huge range and spread of products on the market. And we can deliver that range. For every sector and for each application.

Actually, it’s very simple. For us, no challenge is too big, no field too unknown. This how settled we are in the world of lubricants.


Eye for all

In addition, we like to think along about the safety of people. If you as a metal worker with your hands covered in oil all day, you will benefit from the fact that our oils are as clean and safe as possible. Some lubricants, which are still commonly used, can be harmful to your skin and lungs.

Because what does it mean if you work with chlorinated oils? What does that do to your body? In contrast to these harmful lubricants, we put the harmless variants, with ingredients that your body can simply break down.

Process fluids

All steps in the production process require different types of lubrication oil. In metalworking, for example, you use machining operations, such as milling, grinding, drilling, sawing of wire cutting. Or non-machining operations, such as deep pulling, wire pulling, cold rollers, presses, bending or rolling. After the operation, the product is cleaned, preserved (VCI) and transported.

We can provide the right products and services resources for each of these steps. For example, we cover your entire process with a total scope of supply.

Utility fluids

When a finished product is ready to go into use, you need lubricants to make it work efficiently. This applies to metalworking machines, but also to products from moulding industry, earthmoving, energy companies, the agricultural sector or the food and beverages industry.

We also supply the perfect appropriate lubrication oil for these applications. Either be hydraulic oil,  mineral, semi-synthetic or full-synthetic products. Or gearbox oil, leash oil and compressor oil. We also have turbine oil and heat transfer oil in our range.